venerdì 21 ottobre 2016

Larry Bird & Magic Johnson : Eternal Rivalry... even with numbers

Since Jordan vs James comparison has got a lot of love, I've decided to make another comparison... just a little bit more nostalgic.
And talking about nostalgia, what about 80's?

And if I say 80's, we ALL know what's coming: Bird vs Magic!

No need to tell you about their rivalry and all the Celtics-Lakers battles, but once again, here comes a funny fact.
In my humble opinion, Bird a Magic best season (stats wise) has been the same: 1986/87.

You should already know how it works: use and interact with bars to see how many games these two legends finished with at least X points, Y rebounds and Z assists.

Remember they were double/double machines... Find out how many triple/double they recorded.

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