lunedì 31 ottobre 2016

3 point shot trend (1980-2016)

Since the introduction of the 3 point shot, back in 1979/80 season, its percentage distribution changed over time.

Starting from just the 3,1 percent of the total field goal attempts, this percentage is still increasing nowdays (29,1%).

You could say: "Hey, what about the mid 90's peak"?
And I would say: "For just 3 seasons, the NBA decided to set the 3point line at 22 feet (no matter top of the key or corners) and so, the percentage of total field goal hit a spike".

You can notice as well that the accuracy of 3 point shot has definitely improved through time (orange to blue): around 25% in the early 80's opposed to a "stable" 35+ % since late 90's

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