giovedì 20 ottobre 2016

Jordan & James: 2 Numbers 23, but the magic number is 25

Disclaimer: I don't want to create any sort of flame because there's already plenty of it on the web!

Waiting for the start of the NBA season, I was taking a look to some Micheal Jordan stats when I realized that his best statistical season could have been the 1988/89.
Back then, he was 25.
Thinking about his Airness, and his 23 jersey number, I was wondering:
"Hey, what about LeBron James best season?"

For some reasons, LBJ 2009/10 season was his best one in terms of stats.
Guess how old he was?
Correct: 25!

Funny fact, both Jordan and James won their very first NBA title 2 years after their best season (stats wise)
23 + 2 = 25 (for many reasons)


In the following dashboard, I've tried to compare their Regular Season games setting 3 parametric bars that you can use and modify to see how many games Jordan and James finished with at leat X Points, Y Rebounds and Z Assists.
The color of that game will be lighter then the others (red for Jordan, yellow for James).

Have fun with it!

By the way, you could notice how different was their made shots distribution: Jordan barely scored 0,3 3Point field goal per game (James 1,7), probably as a consequence of his slashing style back in his prime with 11,6 2Point field goal made (James 8,4).

PS: Here's a quick Version of the dashboard for Mobile Phones:!/vizhome/MJLBJ-232isthemagicnumber/MJvsLBJ

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